PgITD UPDATES 21st, Nov, 2012

Updates Penang International Triathlon & Duathlon 1st Edition   Lets Tri & Du it !!!

21st November, 2012, Updates;
Lets Tri & Du it !!! This will be our tagline for the PgITD 1st Edition. You will probably see this on our banners, on our stage and in our mails to you.

Firstly, we would to thanks all of you for the tremendous support; the triathlon was fully subscribed within 8 hours and the duathlon within a week of launching on the 2nd Nov. We will strive to make this event as pleasantly memorable as possible as an appreciation for your trust in us.

The event will be held at Teluk Bahang on the 31st, March 2013. Flag off time will be at 7 am and it will be staggered. Our Chief Minister has consented to grace the occasion barring any unforeseen developments.

Our major sponsors will be Giant Bicycle, Quicksports, 100+,  and many more. More informations shall be forthcoming once everything is confirmed.

The medals for the tri & duat will be quite unique as it will be in the form of a 3 part series. For those who participated and finished the 1st (2013), 2nd (2014) and lastly 3rd (2015), you would have collected the whole series which can be combined and voila you have a unique complete set. A preliminary sketch of the  3 parts series will be as below; ( For those who did not complete or could not participate in any of the 3 years can always purchase the medal from the vendor but the words FINISHER will be erased).  These are prelim sketch, the final medals may differ;